For the entire divisions of application, a wide range of accessories is available. In addition to the stockpiled standard parts we manufacture special accessories on customer’s request.


The self-jetting well-point, 2 "

For what application is the self jetting well-point suitable?

As the name suggests, the self jetting well-point (slot-size = 0.3 mm) can be flushed with water into suitable soils (light and medium formation). A drilling machine or an additional jetting lance is not required for injecting the filters. By the internal steel-pipe inside the filter a depth of 1 m is additionally saved.

What are the advantages of the HC self-jetting well-point against most other brands?

It is equipped with a jetting tip and a head-piece made out of malleable cast iron. This selection of materials guarantees a reliable operation at high-load installation. Imagine, it will be subsequently pushed by an excavator bucket because a larger stone prevents the further sagging of the well-point. A tip made from ordinary steel would be bent instantly thus making further use impossible.

The HC well-point has a so-called brass ring valve. Characterized the spray jet is directed downwardly and effectively will not get lost on the surface of the filter. The filter casing itself is made of an impact resistant PVC plastic material.

The use of 2 " threaded pipe makes it possible to combine any length of the lance.


The one way filter, 2 "

is a good alternative in light soils. In general, the filter is set by jetting lance and rarely with a so called jetting pipe jacket. In stable soils, the filter can of course also be inserted into a borehole. The one-way filter is available in fixed length and rolls (100 m coils). In rolls the filter surface can be individually determined. Thus for example by an appropriate choice of the filter-length can overcome existing barriers layer or in finer soils the absorption capacity of the filter can be increased. The one-way filter is considered as a lost filter. After completion of work, the greater part of material remains in the soil.


The plastic filter, 2 "

The shock-resistant and lightweight plastic filter is an inexpensive alternative in light soils or already introduced boreholes. The closed by a closure plug filter has a 1 m long slit (slot-size = 0.3 mm). As standard we have 6 m long lances stored (1 m plus 5 m filter attachment tube length). On demand, other combinations of lengths can be supplied. The filter tube is mounted directly on the filter lance. Usually this filter is re-usable.

Quick coupling pipes

HÜDIG Quick coupling pipes are manufactured according to DIN 12734

They serve as portable pipes for charge and discharge purpose. The tubes are galvanized and the couplings can be angled up to 15 degrees.

Quick coupling components
Suction Pressure Hoses

Due to our accessories, depending on the particular application, hoses in various designs are available.

Armorvin quality level HNP

The transparent tube has an embedded steel spiral. Armorvin hoses impress with their versatile applications especially in industry and agriculture.

The hose is vacuum resistant up - 9 m WS!

For temporary use, we recommend our flat hoses.

Size 50: P= 15 bar
Size 75: P= 12 bar
Size100: P=   9 bar