Precise application of a steady yield

When it comes to deciding on the right choice of agricultural irrigation equipment effectiveness is certainly a key factor.

As a manufacturer of irrigation machines HÜDIG rounds out as a partner the Valley program in Germany. If an irrigation of large areas are required center pivot and / or linear irrigation systems are used. HÜDIG provides the know-how, from planning to installation and service.

Performance and uniformity of the application

  • The precise computer-assisted determination of the sizes and distances of the nozzle - from 0.76 to 2.74 m - ensures a evenly application
  • Low pressure atomizer work with less than 0.4 bar and thus save power, energy and costs
  • With the use of chemicals whose consumption is reduced, allowing up to 50 percent of the cost to be saved.


Pressure regulator and nozzles

Pressure regulator

  • Ensure through precise control of the amount of water supplied for a evenly application to the land.
  • Work at 0.4 to 3.5 bar
  • Ensure accurate controller application controller to fulfill your necessity.

Low energy nozzles 

  • Unique shape for movement through the grain
  • Only rotary nozzle companies have this exclusive nozzle
  • Nozzle easily replaceable
  • Excellent conformity for precision application
  • Chemical attachment available

            9 bis 15 m
            7 bis 9 m
            Pressure 0,4 till 1,4 bar

low pressure orbital nozzle 
  • Irrigate an area of ​​larger diameter
  • A selection of nozzle systems is available

           9,1 till 20 m 
           7,6 till 18,3 m 
           Pressure 0,7 till 1,4 bar

Composite Area Regulator 

  • Efficiency from 0.03 to 0.95 Liters per second
  • Available with 0.4 to 0.7 bar operating pressure (4.2 to 7m)
  • Flow tested with the center-of-irrigation technology

The modular control panel of Valley - also first used by the company Valmont Irrigation - is a key tool for managing your lands and products. So you can control the water flow and the movement of the device and apply chemicals through the irrigation unit.

Valley offers three types of control modules: Valley Standard, plus our two C: A: M: S (Computer Aided Management System) models of modular controllers, Valley C: A: M: S Select and Valley C: A: M: S Pro. You can upgrade from one console to another if your needs change over time. You can even use a Valley-control module to control devices from other companies. This works just as easily and quickly as the exchange of a console.

Valley-control modules are of robust construction to ensure a long life. The housing is made of pre-material that has been powder coated and not just painted. The hinges are made of stainless steel.

C:A:M:S-Pro-Control Console 
  • The best of all - applies the C: A: M: S technology
  • Performs a variety of functions - can be programmed to your specific irrigation needs
  • Records the last 50 functions or changes, the exact time and the change of position
  • Program on the basis of time and position
  • Full remote data transmission of your home or office base station or remote unit


C:A:M:S-Select-Control Console 
  • Uses the C: A: M: S technology and is tailored to your specific needs
  • 20 status indicators with shutdown at a higher voltage Diagnosis /
  • Prepared for field furrows stop, end of field, Stop/Selbstrücklauf- and low pressure options
  • Automatic restart with pressure and propagation delay of the end support is standard
  • Records all Number of operating hours and the water run-time hours


Valley-standard-Control Console 
  • Handles the basic functions of your irrigation system
  • Simple modular expandability 
  • Easy upgrade to the models C: possible S Pro: A: M: S Select or C: A: M 
  • The best-selling console of the industry

  • Located at the tip of the turning center so that water contact is avoided
  • Waterproof gate
  • The material of stainless steel ensures years of trouble-free operation

With the modular operator consoles Valley
can the function of your watering device
set exactly.

Drive gear


Heart of every Valley system is the indestructible Valley gearbox. If properly servicing the transmission a center pivot practically last for life.

The gearbox is made by Valmont in Valley, Nebraska (USA). In it’s for exceptional durability designed construction the most demanding operating conditions were even considered. Guarantor of these are an extra strong spur gear, a biased worm drive and the new patented sealing rings that reliably seal the gearbox and virtually exclude leaks. At the same time the gearbox is reliably protected from the ingress of contaminants from the outside. These new seals are made from an exclusive Valley-feature and you can find it as standard in all new gearboxes. Older Valley gearbox can of course be re-tooled.

For the more extreme conditions the heavy-duty gearbox with spur gear and toothed wheels of bronze is optional.

The Valley-gear system is built stronger, lasts longer and requires less energy than other drive units of other providers of similar application and is therefore more efficient. There are standard speed models and also available for higher rotational speeds of high speed engines.



From the center position to the end support - the entire Valley-structure for handling the ordinary operating stresses, which may be exposed to during its lifetime, this machine was developed, designed and field-tested. Valley also meets the highest loads in rough terrain, furrows and machines with long spans. And the galvanizing used by Valley provides the best available protection against corrosion. That’s why  it is not surprising that the center pivot, angle and linear modules of Valley achieve the highest resale prices in the market.

  • 33.4 m to 62.4 m span - designed for longevity
  • The pipe and the rod anchor poles make sure that weight and load capacity are distributed evenly and constantly
  • There where loads occur the anchor rod have a greater material thickness and rounded corners
  • Full contact of the rod anchor head in the base for a even load
  • Neoprene gaskets for a long leak free life
  • Double-welded joints in the piping at the rod anchoring systems distribute the tensile loading and compressive load during operation
  • The position of the anchor rod angle of each angle is uniformly loaded which is especially important in rough terrain.


1. Profile angle 101.6 mm x 101.6 mm x 6.3 mm fixed load
2. Whole set of arms on all four sides provides for greater stability
3. Carriage bolts assembly with internally mounted angles – and for safety reasons without sharp edges
4. Rotating pedestals of formed steel with 2 cm welds at each frame balance load from top to bottom
5. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel liner rotates gently in the riser seal. Self-lubricating three lipped seal prevents leakage.
6. The positive contact of the brush with the collector core ring ensures a reliable power transfer to the drive units.
7. The access ladder facilitates lubrication of heavy-duty hinges and making adjustments to the mechanical position.



From the center to the last tower the entire Valley ® construction is designed to master the toughest stresses, designed and used thousands of times successfully. Valley plants withstand the harshest environments, such as in difficult terrain (steep slopes and deep furrows). This of course also applies to machines with extra long pipe bridges.

The pipes, the struts and forged tie rods ensure a even distribution of the masses and moments over the entire supporting structure.

The tension rod angel is arranged so that each gusset plate is evenly loaded. This is particularly advantageous over uneven terrain.