The enterprise HÜDIG was founded 1902 in Berlin/Germany.

In 1957 HÜDIG started the manufacturing in Altencelle/Germany.

AST - Submersible Motor Pumps

Designed for the smaller power range. Depending on the type, suitable for pumping dirty water, sludge and waste water.

Submersible Drainage Pumps

Proven by performance in challenging applications for mining, construction- and tunnelling-sites.

Electro Vacuum Pump Units

Our Experiences – your Success

HÜDIG Irrigation Pump Units

Work robust, with low maintenance and efficient.

HÜDIG Whisper

Sleep well!

Welcome to HÜDIG GmbH & Co. KG

The enterprise HÜDIG was founded 1902 in Berlin/Germany. In the twenties of the last century the first large area sprinklers were developed and manufactured by HÜDIG. In 1957 HÜDIG moved to Altencelle near Celle/Germany. To the existing range of irrigation-systems came the range of dewatering-equipment.

In recent years we developed a range of specialized products for the environmental protection which is used amongst others for soil decontamination and emission control. These Products are helping to create a better future for all of us – in Germany but worldwide as well. 

Dewatering Technology

HÜDIG-Vacuum-Units are in service by satisfied customers all over the world. The power-saving technique is completed by the use of robust plant components. So for example sewage pumps are used as discharge pumps.

Irrigation Technology

Due to our experiences of almost more than 100 years in the agriculture - and the industrial-irrigation - HÜDIG is your right partner in this business. Already in the planning phase we assist you creating the basic requirements for an economic irrigation. 

Generator Sets

These Generator-Sets stand out due to the well dimensioned sound-protection canopy. On request these gen-sets could be equipped with an emergency-power- automatic-control-unit already integrated in the set.