Conditions of Equipment-Insurance

For HÜDIG Rental Machines and Equipment

Status March 2003
Hauptsache Man(n) ist versichert

1. Subject of Insurance
Mobile machines and equipment for example gen-sets and pumps with reinstatement value above € 5.000,00.

2. Disbursements
Insured are the disbursements of the renter of the insured subjects.

3. Fundamental Insured Risks
Damages by theft and pilferage, engineering- material and operational malfunctions, short-circuits, over-current, over-voltage, functional failure of metering- control- and security mechanism, fire, explosion as well as transport-damages will be reimbursed.

Additionally in case of need the charges of demolition and removal as well as the charges for decontamination and disposal of soil up to the costs of max. € 2.500,00 each claim will be reimbursed.

Further consequential damages are not subject of insurance!!
Other loss except theft will not be accepted.

4. Fundamental Non-insured Risks
Maloperation, wanton negligence, war and confiscation, normal climatic influences, permanent overload, wear, deficiency, nuclear contamination.

5. Contribution
€ 500,00 each claim. In case of TOYO-pumps € 1.500,00 each claim.

6. Compensation
In case of partial damage the necessary costs rebuilding the rental-equipment will be reimbursed. In case of a total damage the current value will be reimbursed.

7. Insurance Location
Insurance coverage is only given at the insurance location. In every case the insurance location is the Federal Republic of Germany.

8. Premium, Start and End of Liability
The start and end ranges over the period the insurance premium covers. Generally it starts from the moment the rental-equipment will be delivered until the redelivery to the rental station. The insurance premium is according the active and effective price-list and will be charged together with the rental-invoice. The insurance-cover is automatically terminated when the premium obligation will not been met.

9. Conduct in Case of Damage
The insurance holder is obliged in case of damage to inform in writing within three (3) working-days:

Absenk- und Beregnungsanlagen
Heinrich-Hüdig-Str. 2, 29227 Celle
Tel.: 05141/8845-0, Telefax: 05141/86918

Every theft and pilferage has to be reported to the next according police station.

Damages which exceed the value of € 10.200,00 require immediately information by telephone or fax.