The requirements for "groundwater lowering devices" are increasing from year to year. For companies active in the groundwater lowering industry, it is important to be informed about the proper opteration of the installed system at all times. Costs resulting from intensive control trips will probably be a thing of the past in the future. With HCRM, HÜDIG offers their customers a control system that let you sleep peacefully in the truest sense of the word.



"Don't pay for air if you want to move water?"

It may sound like a banality, but we keep observing the water meters on construction sites not being properly installed. Especially analogue water meters count the amount of water flowing through only when the pipe is completely flooded.


Our appearance at BAUMA 2019 in Munich was all about efficiency, sound insulation and functionality. In addition to top sellers such as the particularly quiet HC 488 Whisper and the fuel-saving HC 522/07, Hüdig also presented innovations in the field of wellpoint dewatering.



Wellpoint Overlap:

The permeability "k" or k-value is used in dewatering to quantify the permeability of soils for liquids (e.g. groundwater). In order to ensure that air infiltration does not endanger the vacuum system when the groundwater level is lowered or that the excavation pit is successfully drained, it is necessary to ...



In Friesoythe, the oldest town in the district of Cloppenburg, which borders on the one hand on the Ammerland and on the other hand on the Emsland, company Helmut Rolfes received the order for the construction of two adjoining multi-family houses last summer, each with 5 residential units (including penthouse) and cellar.

For the drainage of two excavation pits, 35 to 40 filters each were flushed in on an area of 20 x 20 m each.