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  • AGRITECHNICA 2016 – a success for everybody?


AGRITECHNICA 2016 – a success for everybody?

AGRITECHNICA 2016 – a success for everybody?

We can fully agree with the general announcements of the specialist publications. HÜDIG only presented new products on this year’s AGRITECHNICA The interested and competent visitors evaluated the exhibits of our company as consistently positive.


For the first time the IROMAT V has been presented to the public. This maschine with a capacity of 840 m 125 PE pipe completes the range of HÜDIG irrigation machines. Pitchlengths of more than 900 m, considering the natural elongation of the PE pipes, can be realized with this machine. The HÜDIG modular system has also been implemented with this IROMAT. For example, the classic HÜDIG tandem chassis is deemed as unprecedented and offers an extraordinary driving comfort on roads and field tracks. A further advantage is the extremely good manoeuvrability which is unequalled, particularly with these machine sizes. A sufficiently dimensioned air pressure brake is also available serially as well as the working-time saving HÜDIG sprinkler trolley take-up.

The machine has been presented in full equipment. A further work simplification is possible with the full-hydraulic PE pipe support leg which has also been presented for the first time.

IRO V with full-hydraulic PE pipe support leg



IROMAT II is available in different versions and executions. In the base concept a PE pipe capacity (110’ pipe) of 500 m has been fixed for this machine. This machine size has been extended by a single-axis chassis. Therefore we have a lower-priced irrigation machine compared with a so-called tandem machine. This machine has also been presented in full equipment, also containing the brake axle which is officially mandatory for road traffic.



Irrigation Machines

HÜDIG irrigation machines are characterized by the use of at most long-lasting aggregate components. The use of robust water pumps with good efficiency levels is a matter of course, as well as modern, fuel-saving motors which comply with the current officially mandatory exhaust emission standards.

It is the small things that make the difference. The modern motor monitoring allows a comfortable and intuitive control of the aggregate with under and overpressure monitoring. Furthermore a remote monitoring is possible. In case of need the time for the next due service can be displayed.

Already during construction of HÜDIG aggregates it is ensured that the machines have as little affect on the environment as possible. The rules lead to an efficient aggregate which sets standards also with regard to noise emissions.

Users know about the limited suction ability of self-priming pump aggregates. When adapting modern industrial motors to meet the demands of current exhaust regulations, suction ability of exhaust ejectors which are often used in combination is limited. This means in practice that suction heads of more than 5 m can no longer be realized. A solution for this matter can be provided by HÜDIG’s semi-automatic suction system. Suction heads of more than 8 m water column can be reached within seconds. At the bottom line, this innovation is an even better solution for the motors. The motor does not get any counter pressure in exhaust area during warm-up period in connection with the exhaust ejectors which have been applied in such cases before.




In case of applications where the suction ability of overground-mounted pumps is exceeded and no electricity supply is available, power generators are commonly used. These then serve as electricity supplier for the submersible pumps being installed in wells. With the right selection of system components this combination allows an economic operation of the irrigation machines. An important criterion is the possibility to use heating oil as fuel.

This tax-advantaged fuel may be used in case of so-called stationary operation. The aggregate is serially equipped with a frequency converter. Therefore the connected pump can be adjusted exactly according to the necessary operating point. This can be done manually by means of a potentiometer or automatically by pressure specification to be set. Furthermore, the frequency converter gives the advantage of selecting the generator output for the starting currents usually one size smaller.

The control of the HÜDIG generator allows additionally the application as emergency power generator.

Special Note: Our aggregate complies with the VDE regulations regarding industrial sockets in connection with frequency converters!



Hose Reel

HÜDIG hose reels are rated to be very robust and are equipped with a well-dimensioned hydraulic motor. A special comfort is offered by the hydraulic hose guidance with remote control, developed by HÜDIG. It ensures an easy trouble-free reeling of the hose, using full capacity of the reel out of the cabin.

Hose Reel

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