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Breakdown of a drinking water pipeline - Rental Service

HÜDIG Rental Service

Recently, a drinking water pipeline of the city of Brandenburg/Havel broke down.

At short notice, 3 sections of the defective pipeline had to be replaced over a length of approx. 50 meters each. Due to the sandy soils in this region, an increased groundwater volume was to be expected. Therefore, diesel vacuum units of the type HC 522/17 from the Hüdig rental park were used. Due to the compact design and the built-in HATZ diesel engine (Stage V), these units are ready for operation very quickly. The HC 522/17 units feature a proven, dry-running vacuum generator (78m³/h) and a wear-resistant, self-priming wastewater pump with bronze impeller (92m³/h). The tank capacity is 511 liters and is thus sufficient for continuous operation for at least 12 days.

Since the replacement of the drinking water pipeline had to be started as quickly as possible, our customer resorted to the Hüdig rental park, which always has a large number of different units available. The appropriate accessories such as filter lances, collection pipes, hose lines, etc. are also always available for rent in a wide variety of designs and in large quantities.

In addition, the HÜDIG emergency rental service is also available on weekends (Saturday & Sunday from 08:30 - 16:30) for emergencies. Phone: 0160 / 98 93 55 95


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