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Compact power for your dewatering

One of the most compact dewatering Pumps on the World Market

Compact-dewatering-pump-HC522-16-One-of-the-most compact-dewatering-pumps-on-the-world-market

What appears to be an orange painted control box in the landscape is actually one of the most compact dewatering pumps on the world market. Little larger than a standard container pallet, the HC522/16 with a fuel consumption of 1.0 l per hour (at 50% utilization) is capable of pumping up to 170m³/h in the form of air and water. This powerhouse thus manages to almost completely cover the performance spectrum of two diesel-powered 4" piston pumps.

Vacuum support is provided by a dry-running or oil-free rotary vane vacuum pump which, in combination with a sophisticated separation system, separates the air/water mixture to ensure optimum pumping performance.

By feeding secondary air, the required vacuum level can be precisely adjusted, enabling the user to adapt the required vacuum to the depth of the filter lances. This can save not only energy, but also cash in the context of rising raw material prices. Whether in open or closed dewatering applications, in inner cities or out of town - the HC522/16 is a reliable partner for your dewatering projects in the field of water management.

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