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  • Environmental friendly and low-maintenance: the HÜDIG Vacuum-Pump-Unit


Environmental friendly and low-maintenance: the HÜDIG Vacuum-Pump-Unit

The making of intact foundation-soil for a federal road out of bog-soil by the use of special vacuum system.

The challenge:

For a construction project in the north of Germany it was necessary using an operation system for the consolidation of soft to mushy soil thus under difficulty conditions.

The vacuum-pumps in service should be distinguished by environmental friendly and low maintenance requirements. The units should convey water and air and should be dimensioned for special well-defined low pressure conditions.


The solution:

In operation came the system of Ménard Vacuum Consolidation (MVC) by the BVT Dyniv Company from Seevetal/Germany.

The MVC-System consists in the main components of the installation of a vertical and horizontal drainage-system as well as an encircling sealing-system. For the conveying of water and air were HÜDIG Electro-Vacuum-Pump-Units in operation. The enterprise BVT Dyniv bought for this reason six (6) units from HÜDIG. Every single unit has an air-capacity of 200 m³/h and a water-capacity of 252 m³/h. Due to the operation with the HÜDIG dry-running Vacuum-Pumps the high requirements of environmental friendly were fulfilled and the maintenance were reduced to the lowest level. For this special type of vacuum- generator no lubricants like oil or water are necessary. 


The result:

The construction project could be well-processed to the entire satisfaction of the ordering party and the construction-company. The extra-ordinary high reliability of the Electro-Vacuum-Pump-Units from the manufacturer HÜDIG had his share to the success of this project.

Worth mentioning is the fact that the company BVT Dyniv GmbH received the “German Price of Engineering of Road and Traffic” in the category “Innovation” during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Federal Federation of Road-Constructors and Traffic-Engineers (BSVI) under the patronage of the Federal Minister of Traffic and Transport for this particular project. 

It goes without saying that HÜDIG as well congratulate to this award the Ménard Vacuum Consolidation. 

Further information to Ménard Vacuum Consolidation (MVC) is available under www.dyniv.com

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