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  • EVA and DIVA in action in Oslo/Norway


EVA and DIVA in action in Oslo/Norway

EVA and DIVA in action in Oslo/Norway

A Norwegian Service-Company used for the by-passing of municipal sewage in Oslo pump-units of a competitor. After interrupting the pumping process for a minimum of four (4) times a day for cleaning the internal of the pumps, the operator contacted HUEDIG on the search for a better technical solution.

We suggest at first for testing purpose the use of one or several EVA-180 Sewage-Pump-Units out of our rental-fleet.

It is important to know that all HUEDIG Sewage-Pump-Units are equipped with a so-called screw-impeller which prevents the clogging and blocking of the pump per contra the often used open impeller. This screw-impeller was particularly developed for the pumping of sewage with a passage of solids from 80 to 120 mm and it is installed in all our Sewage-Pump-Units like the EVA-180. 

The operation with the rented EVA-180 showed clearly that no further downtime for the cleaning was necessary and this convinced the user in that way that an order of a speed-controlled EVA and a DIVA 650 in the sound-proofed canopy version on a road-chassis (removable) was placed immediately.

The photo shows the speed-controlled EVA-180 in operation in Oslo/Norway.

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