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  • Groundwater Lowering in Practise for HÜDIG Sales Engineers


Groundwater Lowering in Practise for HÜDIG Sales Engineers

During their professional training, two new sales engineers of the export department wanted to find out exactly how much theory and practice correspond.

Centre of attention in this case was HÜDIG vacuum pump unit HC 488/25.

Due to the very good networking between HÜDIG and their operators, the two new salesmen quickly got the chance to implement the just learned theory of dewatering in practice. Everything was included from jetting of the filters up to discharge of the excessive water.


The task:

Dewatering for building of a foundation. Significant differences between theory and practice showed up because the provided area for putting out the collecting pipes was not even but declined, as it can be obtained from the pictures.


The electric HÜDIG boiler system of type HC 488 with oil-free vacuum generation has compensated this difference with excellent performance.

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