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  • HC 551/32 deployed in Florida


HC 551/32 deployed in Florida

“Mission accomplished” with combined forces

A well-known proverb says "a rolling stone gathers no moss". A saying that is completely true for our vacuum-assisted diesel pumps. Designed for continuous operation under the most adverse conditions with the greatest possible efficiency, our diesel pumps usually only remain at a standstill for maintenance until they are taken to the next job.

But when the HC 522 reaches its limits, its "big brother" is happy to come to the rescue. In this example, two HC 522 were deployed at a caravan park right next to a canal to ensure dry conditions for the renewal of a 100-meter-long sewer line. Reinforcements were needed due to the high recharge rate of the water.

After only a few days after the additional HC 551 was installed, the drawdown target was reached - well ahead of the client's deadline. No wonder: The additionally installed HC 551/32 convinces with a maximum volume flow of the vacuum pump of 155 m³/h, in addition to the maximum volume flow of the water pump of 400 m³/h. The HC 551/32 proved to be the ideal solution! Additionally, our vacuum assisted diesel pumps are paired with an optimized air separator tank that ensures the highest possible efficiency of the individual components and are in compliance with the latest diesel engine emission standards.

As an added bonus for the client, there were no complaints about noise pollution. Thanks to the "Whisper" enclosure of all units, vacationers could continue to relax on site.

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