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Hose Reels in Road Traffic

Several specialist journals already reported about the necessity of an operating licence for public road traffic for hose reels with a permissible total weight of more than 3 t. In order to obtain this operating licence from the local licensing office, the guidelines of StVZO (German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations) have to be fulfilled. Besides a functioning lighting system, an additional separate service braking system is essential for axle loads of more than 3,0 t.

In order to meet these obligations, all machine sizes of the current HÜDIG series can be equipped with a compressed air braking system. According to legal requirements all hose reels with braking systems have been comprehensively tested regarding suitability and function of the braking system by the responsible TÜV NORD. Especially the reaction time of the brake cylinders respectively the necessary air tank volume has been measured and recorded; furthermore, the actual braking and driving handling on the road has been tested and recorded by means of latest measurement technology. Based on these determined test results, separate model expertises have been issued for each machine type.

Up to now, TÜV expertises with an expensive individual approval had to be made for each single hose reel. Afterwards the vehicle owner had to go to the local vehicle registration office to get this expertise authenticated and obtain the individual operating permit (the corresponding handling fees are amounting to approx. EUR 40,00 at present).

The comprehensive performed brake tests allow HÜDIG to supply the standard hose reels being equipped with braking systems with a general operating licence in future. The issuance of a general operating licence enables HÜDIG to minimize the costs for a compressed air braking system. Additionally, the customer is no longer obliged to go to the local vehicle registration office and pay the handling fees involved.

At this point we would like to inform you about a relevant decree of Lower Saxony’s Ministry for Economics, Labour and Transport dated 01.06.2016. According to this, there is an exemption clause for agricultural trailer machines (hose reels) without own braking system. The exemption clause is worded as follows:

Extension of decree regarding exemption clause for agricultural trailer machines (hose reels) without own braking system, file no. 43-30021/4100/0060 dated 04.02.2016, by working machines of more than 5 tons permissible axle load.

Implementation of the decree revealed that a remarkable number of working machines including water filling exceed the axle load of 5 tons. The necessary upgrade of a braking system and/or issuance of an operating licence cannot be temporal finalized during this irrigation season. Therefore the opportunity is given -limited in time - to operate working machines of more than 5 tons permissible axle load on public roads, even without braking system and operating licence, considering the following framework conditions:

  1. The permissible axle load of the working machine must not exceed the empty weight of the tractor machine.
  2. The operational brake of the traction machine must be able to ensure stopping of the towed machine within 2 m when driving on steepest gradient at 6 km/h speed (equal to an average delay of 1,9 m/s² at 12% gradient).
  3. The permissible maximum speed of the tractor is for operational reasons 6 km/h. The suspended working machine is to be marked with a speed sign „6“ according to § 58 StVZO.
  4. The special permit including traction expertise of “aaS” according to § 70 StVZO replaces the operating license of the working machine.
  5. Additionally, the conditions and requirements nos. 1-4, 9, 11, 12 and 14 of decree, file no. 43-30021/4100/0060 dated 04.02.2016 shall be valid.
  6. The scope of application of the exemption permit shall be limited to Lower Saxony.
  7. The exemption permits shall be issued subject to revocation.The liability insurer / public liability insurer shall confirm insurance cover for the traction combinations despite documented divergences.
  1. The exemption permits shall be limited until 31.07.2017.
  2. Together with the first application the applicant must present to the registration office a list of those irrigation trailers utilized in his company which shall benefit from the exemption clause because an exemption permit can only be issued for trailers of current vehicle fleet; the registration office shall take this list on file.

Required exemptions according to § 70 para.1 StVZO of

  1. § 41 para. 9 StVZO trailers without locking brake
  2. § 41 para. 11 StVZO trailers without operational brake

as well as exemptions according to § 47 para. 1 FZV

  1. § 1 with § 4 para. 1 FZV trailers without operating licence
  2. § 13 para. 1 Nr. 6 FZV no modification of the tractor vehicle’s registration certificate due to increase of the permissible trailer load.

Celle, June 2016

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