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Hose Winder for Solid Content Fluids


Development of a mobile compound disposing a medium with high solid content (liquid manure) about a distance of approx. 2,850 m under the intention to safe costs. To the background: in the past it was necessary to transport the liquid manure through an urban residential district by a tractor and trailer.  The essential effect of this new development is to avoid the unpleasant odour and the noise pollution of the tractor-transport.


The customer made a PTO-driven eccentric pump available. In combination with the HÜDIG solid hose winder and the according adequate hose the medium was cost-effectively (and without the use of the tractor) conveyed. The speciality of this project was that HÜDIG adapted the construction of the hose winder to the requirements. The standard capacity of 700m flat-hose and 100mm nominal diameter was changed into texture-flat-hose with a nominal diameter of 150mm and a pressure-capacity up to 16 bars.

The production-length of 150 m texture-flat-hoses were connected by a coupling-system (STORZ F) and retainer rings.

To lay the length of 2850m it was necessary using seven (7) complete hose-winder and three (3) alternating reels which were installed in an already existing frame-work.


A satisfied customer who saved with this HÜDIG engineered system an annual amount of approx. 40,000 Euro for the first time in the last year.

Note: A periodically flushing of the system prevents the sedimentary deposition.  

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