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HÜDIG - Control system for vacuum technology


The requirements for "groundwater lowering devices" are increasing from year to year. For companies active in the groundwater lowering industry, it is important to be informed about the proper opteration of the installed system at all times. Costs resulting from intensive control trips will probably be a thing of the past in the future. With HCRM, HÜDIG offers their customers a control system that let you sleep peacefully in the truest sense of the word. In addition to permanent control, the system reacts immediately via SMS to any possible malfunctions and thus serves as a suspenders to the belt.

Planned control trips can be reduced to a minimum. The system saves considerable labour and travel costs and basically conserves personnel resources.

The value of security is reflected in the application of the system. The HCRM is able to control and protocol the conveying data and the generated negative pressure, as well as the course. If the value of the negative pressure should be exceeded, an alarm is sent to the responsible person.

The HCRM enables the user to be informed about the current situation of his vacuum system at any time. In the event of a malfunction, the necessary measures can be taken to remedy the situation.

With the recording of water quantities, water management is considerably simplified for the operator. Water volumes can be documented quickly and easily via tables.


The HÜDIG HCRM offers the user an overview, security, processing comfort, saving effects and a short-term amortisation of the investment at any time.

Functions of the HÜDIG HCRM

Reporting of malfunctions such as:

  • Vacuum drop
  • Malfunction of individual system components

Data collection:

  • Recording and documentation of the production quantities (total and day)
  • Recording and documentation of the course of negative pressure and decrease of negative pressure
  • operating houres
  • Countdown for service intervals
  • Alarm message via SMS and e-mail
  • Location report

An optional additional equipment is the HÜDIG ECON frequency conversion.

With this function, the negative pressure can be readjusted from the office, so the HCRM also offers a telecontrol function and even helps to save energy costs with this functionality.

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