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HÜDIG - Dewatering in residential areas

The costsfor building plots have risen enomously in recent years, so the builders naturally want to make the most of the limited plot of land and usually build as deep as possible, i.e. with a cellar.

This is also the case in the small town of Verl, where the company Chutsch is once again carrying out a gap building project with a detached house and a cellar.

An HC 468/25is used on this construction site. 37 filter lances with a length of 5 meters are connected to this system. The excavation pit has a total edge length of approx. 45 meters. The soil is fine sandy and ideal for lowering the groundwater level in a vacuum process.

The HC 468/XX has the so-called HÜDIG dry rotors, which allow a continuous operation of 3,000 operating hours. For orientation purposes, the annual number of hours of 8,760 hours per year should be mentioned, which means servicefree operation for 4 months.

The maintenance intervals of the HÜDIG electric vacuum systems of up to 3,000 operating hours are unique on the market and are unequalled.

The built-in sewage pumps also have a long service life, which is due to the high material quality of the impellers.



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