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  • HÜDIG - dry running vacuum generator for ground water reduction


HÜDIG - dry running vacuum generator for ground water reduction

There are manufacturers of pumping units who advertise their models as dry self-priming or only self-priming.

The professional user recognizes immediatly what this statement means and in general the description is not 100 % correct.

Is a piston pump self-priming when the pump body needs to be watered?

A membrane pump as a vacuum support is possible, however, not 100 % dry running. Incidentally, both drive systems are maintenance intensive.

In this comparison, the Hüdig dry running pump represents the only true 100 % vacuum dry runner existing on the market.

The Hüdig vacuum generator requires neither oil or water to ensure the cooling or sealing of the vacuum pump.

Also, the diesel engine of the Hüdig dry runner remains low maintenance, since only the engine oil of the Hatz diesel requires changing every 1,000 Bh.

The Hüdig dry runner requires a maintenance interval under normal conditions of 3,000 Bh.

The actual maintenance effort here extends to the filter control.

When it comes to low maintenance and reliable ground water lowering systems it doesn't get better, "...the Hüdig is a must".



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