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HÜDIG - EVA180 Whisper & EVA350 Whisper

The EVA 180 + EVA 350, which have been successful for years, have been extensively revised and thus adapted to the constantly growing market requirements.

  1. Sound insulation

Many clients and users place increasing value on the importance of particularly quiet operation, especially when the units are used in residential areas. Here HÜDIG was able to effectively use its many years of experience in the field of "Whisper" sound insulation enclosures to reduce the sound power level LWA to 67 dB and the sound pressure level LPA to 40 dB(A) at 7 m and 38 dB(A) at 10m.

This enclosure also offers other advantages. The unit is optimally protected against unauthorised access by third parties and the effects of weather.

  1. Efficiency

In addition, the EVA180 Whisper and EVA350 Whisper sewage pump units have been equipped with a newly developed control system that permanently adjusts the pumping capacity of the unit via an integrated frequency converter. By using a frequency converter, the starting currents are reduced to a minimum and the pumps are started gently.

This allows the unit to be operated via a user-friendly 5-inch touch display, which can be used to select both manual and automatic operation. The latter has the advantage that the pump unit can adapt the delivery rate to the requirements in a sensor-controlled manner. This not only saves energy, but also significantly reduces wear on the components.


EVA180 Whisper & EVA350 Whisper


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