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HÜDIG - grit chamber HC SF 1000

We have added a newly developed grit chamber to our product portfolio. This is used, for example, in the area of groundwater lowering.

Dirty water can be contaminated with various substances. In particular, when pumped water is fed back into the sewer system, it must be free of additives. If solids are involved, the appropriate means of choice is a so-called grit chamber. This is installed upstream of the receiving water and thus prevents sand, for example, from entering the sewer system.

Operating principle:

The inflowing medium first passes a perforated weir in which coarse particles are retained. In the following large-volume area, the flow velocity is reduced by increasing the flow cross-section in such a way that the solids sediment. Suspended solids on the surface are skimmed off by a skim beam. After overflowing the second weir, the pre-cleaned medium flows out of the sand chamber into the overflow due to the existing gravity and can thus flow freely out of the tank.

The grit chamber is made of galvanized sheet steel. The cover is hinged and lockable. Furthermore, the lid is equipped with shock absorbers for safety reasons. The water inlet has a cranked SK-connection 6" with nut part and the water outlet has a connection with 6" nut part. Several SK-connections allow an easy rinsing of the sand trap. By the way, after use the containers can be stored stackable.


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