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HÜDIG - HC522 in use on smallest area of application

Particularly in inner-city areas, construction sites have to be designed to save space in order not to completely restrict the flow of traffic on roads or in pedestrian zones, for example. Not only the construction site shrinks, but also the equipment used for it. Excavators, light masts, compressors and even pumps for lowering groundwater levels must fit into the compressed working area. With a footprint of 1550mm x 1250mm, the HC522 is almost twice the size of a standard Euro pallet and can be used even on the smallest construction sites.

Despite the compact size, 25 - 35 filter lances can usually be connected to this 4" unit for lowering. Furthermore, the HC522 has a sophisticated sound insulation system. The sound insulation reduces the critical noise emission to a sound pressure level at nominal power of LPA10m=54 dB(A).


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