HÜDIG - hose reel

In some parts of Germany and Europe we are seeing a consolidation of agricaltural land. Smaller farms are being bought up and merged with larger, existing farms. We are discovering more and more that in the larger farms great importance is attached to efficiency, especially with regard to the water supply. These companies are faced with increased investment, as the infrastucture for optimal irrigation is often underdeveloped in the smaller companies. There are hardly any underground line and hydrants, which makes the water supply a particular challenge.

For this reason, many of our customers rely on our hose reels, which are a mobile solution for water supply.

With a capacity of 400m (100mm flat hose) and 700m (100mm flat hose) the hose reels are versatile. Separating trays allow different diameters and types of hoses to be wound. The combination of a robust frame and a powerful hydraulic motor makes it easy to wind even large hoses. A hydraulic arm with remote control is available as an option, which can be conveniently operated from the tractor cab via a connection.

For further information on the HÜDIG hose reel, please refer to the technical data sheet.




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