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  • HÜDIG - quality dirty water submersible pump - part II


HÜDIG - quality dirty water submersible pump - part II

What do you expect from a quality dirty water submersible pump?

  • Wear resistance: Achieved! - due to high-chrome alloy impellers
  • Easy handling: Achieved! - through the usw of aluminium where it makes sense. Topic: weight saving!
  • High operational reliability: Achieved!
    • Absolute dry-running safety due to air valve
    • Phase failure protection
    • Check direction of rotation
    • Thermal protection
    • Use of high-quality materials
  • Service-friendly
    • Oil inspection from outside
    • Easy adjustment of the impeller

Grindex submersible pumps for dirty water: the right choice for sure!


Grindex - Inventor of the air valve

  • This makes the pump absolutely safe to run dry, even if the pressure hose has collapsed because no more water is running after it.

Grindex - Modular system

  • Once a Grindex pump is repaired, you can repair any Grindex pump
  • Fewer components
  • Reduced spare parts stocking necessary

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