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HÜDIG - Sewage Pumps

In the port of Hamburg, a large amount of water had to be pumped from the Elbe within a very short time to compensate for the ballast of several floating pontoons. In addition to the large volume of water, the water was contaminated with long-fibre solids, sludge and other abrasive components. For these reasons, a unit with high pumping capacity and special wear-resistant properties was required.

The solution: A HÜDIG unit, suitable for industrial waste water. Aggregates of the "EVA" series were used. EVA stands for - Electric Vacuum Aggregate". These aggregates are equipped with a screw centrifugal impeller. This project was successfully completed within a few days without any breakdowns. Due to its special design, this impeller can convey solids of up to 100mm without blocking. In this way, failure indications are set to zero.

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