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HÜDIG - Sewage Vacuum Unit in use


An EVA in a building project of Klaus Stewering GmbH & Co. Kg in operation for the Emschergenossenschaft

The aim of the construction project commissioned by AGG and Emschergenossenschaft is the ecological improvement of the Sellmannsbach. For this purpose, the stream is cleared of the dirt and rainwater supply pipes. The stream piping required in some areas will be renewed and open areas will be ecologically developed. The project itself will be realised in several construction stages, which means that in construction stage no. 4, which has been implemented here, the dry weather runoff of up to 170 l7sec. has to be transferred to the downstream stream by means of a pump system upstream of the vortex shaft on the underwater side.

Our customer, Klaus Stewering GmbH & Co. KG, was faced with a particular challenge on this construction phase in Gelsenkirchen.

At the construction side, the accumulation of waste water led to an undesirable depostion of waste water components, which in turn led to problems with the palnned pump technology.

The HÜDIG electric vacuum waste water unit - in short EVA - type EVA 350 was used. This pump type has the advantage that it can maintain a continuous negative pressure in the suction line due to its permanently driven dry-running vacuum generator. A further advantage is the special impeller of the waster water unit. It is a screw centrifugal impeller with a grain passage  of up tp 120 mm. This combination of the low-maintenance 100 % dry running vacuum generator and the very reliable and highly efficient waste water pump allows our customers to sleep peacefully, because the EVA 350 works reliably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Many thanks - your HÜDIG Team


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