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HÜDIG - Sprinkler Cart for high Corn Application

One of the most irrigation-intensive crops is probably corn, but corn does not respond to water shortages in the same way in all stages. After corn has germinated and formed a few leaves, it tolerates the lack of water relatively well, but this is not permanent. Under unfavourable conditions, such as a prolonged drought, irrigation of the corn is relevant to the yield. From the beginning of panicle pushing until the beginning of dough ripening, corn reacts sensitively to drought stress.

In general, corn is also known as a "large" cereal, as it can grow over 2.5 m in height. However, conventional sprinkler trolleys do not manage to rain over the corn plume at a certain height of the plant. Many farmers use an extension pipe to extend the sprinkler upwards. However, the stability of the sprinkler trolley suffers here, as the centre of gravity is shifted massively. A failure of the machine, especially in sensitive corn growth phases, can injure the plant due to the drift of the water jet and cause yield losses.

In order to avoid such failures, we have developed the optional corn sprinkler trolley. This has a reinforced base frame and an additional ballast tank (independent emptying) which guarantee excellent stability. Furthermore, the corn sprinkler has a passage height of 1,800mm.

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