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HÜDIG - Wastewater vacuum unit DIVA 100 - application in residential areas

Langenhagen, in the district of Godshorn, the responsible municipal drainage company has detected a sewer break. As a result, the defective area was sealed off by blowing and a diesel vacuum sewerage unit of the type "DIVA 100", which was purchased especially for such accidents, was installed and the affected section was diverted.

As a special equipment the unit, which is mounted on a single-axle chassis, was equipped with a GSM alarm system, which independently reports e.g. falling vacuum via a SIM card for data traffic. For this purpose a target phone number was deposited, which is informed in case of an alarm. The device also received a special painting on customer request.

The diesel vacuum sewerage unit type "DIVA 100" is particularly suitable for accidents, sewer renovations or pumping over measures and is therefore mainly used in the communal area due to the suitability of thick matter or sewage sludge transport; but also underground and pipeline construction companies are among the users.

The pump unit is a self-priming pumping unit mounted in a noise-reducing housing and is equipped with a horizontal sewage pump with screw centrifugal impeller. The vacuum is realized by means of a dry running, low-maintenance rotary vacuum generator. A dry-running and overpressure protection function is integrated. The water pump and vacuum generator, driven by a diesel engine, ensure a continuous delivery of the medium. The galvanized air separator tank upstream of the water pump separates any air from the water, so that the pump only pumps the liquid medium. This combined system provides a safe, fast suction and a high vacuum performance.



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