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HÜDIG - Whisper Slim Line

For decades, the small and compact dewatering unit HC468 has gained great popularity. Equipped with a self-lubricating vacuum pump, the so-called "dry runner", the electrically operated and low-emission unit works fully automatically and can thus easily adapt to the changing water quantity in the soil. The combination of a low-noise electric motor and the soundproofed vacuum pump allows the HC468 to already achieve an impressive sound pressure level of LPA7m=56dB(A) or LPA10m=53dB(A).

In order to meet the growing demand for a pumping unit that is as quiet as possible, we have developed the corresponding sound insulation hood for the HC468 Whisper Slim Line after the great success of the HC488 Whisper. The slim Whisper SL has an ingenious system to contain the radiating sound already in the housing. This reduces the sound pressure level to 46 dB(A) in 7m and 44 dB(A) in 10m. The Whisper SL can thus be used without difficulty even in noise-sensitive residential areas.



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