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HÜDIG - Application in North America

A compact design, combined with low fuel consumption and a high vacuum performance were decisive for Aquatech Dewatering to use the HC522 for dewatering. The diesel-powered vacuum unit has proven itself in numerous applications in small to medium-sized projects. Driven by this success, the subsidiary Aquatech Pump & Power (Canada) and its American counterpart Aquatech Pumping Technologies decided to take over the marketing of Hüdig products in North America. As an experienced user of various pump technologies, our distributor knows the advantages of the HC522 and also speaks the language of our customers.

In a project lasting several months, the HC522/07 was again put to the test. In addition to a working depth of over six meters (20ft), over 50 wellpoints were used, which the HC522/07 mastered with flying colors. Unlike piston pumps, the vacuum-assisted unit separates the water/air mixture using a complex system. This allows the water pump to be optimally flooded to ensure efficient drainage of the soil. Many vacuum pumps use oil to lubricate the moving parts. Our sytems is "dry-running" and does not use any oil or other lubricants.

This enables application in ecologically senstitive terrain as well as in resdential areas of large cities.

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