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HÜDIG - dealers prepare for the spring floods


The GRINDEX Primo series is a series of compact, handy and heavy-duty submersible pumps consisting of two types of waste water pumps and two sludge submersible pumps with a free passage of 25 mm. The Primo series is ideal for small and fast applications on constructions sites, in industry, for municipal and private applications and is therefore the optimum product for the construction machinery trade. Here you will find the right clientele.

This smallest, youngest and most favourable model series of the manufacturer GRINDEX could be successfully established by the HÜDIG distributionwith various dealers in whole Northern Germany.

The extremely compact design of the Primo series makes it ideal for demanding drainage tasks.

In case of a pump requirement, fast action is usually required abd the necessary equipment and pumps must be available quickly.

This is ensured by our specialist dealers, who prepare themselves for the coming flood with stocks to ensure local availability.





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