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HÜDIG Dewatering in Coal Mining

For many years now, the application of dewatering technique by means of vacuum filter wells has become a routine in the coal mining industry of North-Rhine Westphalia.

This is done by modern high-performance HÜDIG electro-vacuum units of type HC 488/25.

These units convince by a virtually maintenance-free operation for at least 2.000 operation hours. Within these 2.000 operation hours it is not necessary to make any checks with the oil or water levels as the modern dry-running HÜDIG vacuum generator works completely without any lubrication and operating materials. A 100% dry-running vacuum generator.

Thanks to the low-maintenance operation and the low energy requirement the application of a HÜDIG unit type HC 488/25 saves significant maintenance and operating costs for the user.

HÜDIG GmbH & Co. KG has supplied four further new units of type HC 488/25 with an operation voltage of 500 V. These units have been additionally equipped with a stackable ram protection facility in order to meet the tough requirements of application in coal mining industry. 

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