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  • HÜDIG - Dewatering in Lampertheim, Hesse


HÜDIG - Dewatering in Lampertheim, Hesse

For the construction of two rainwater retention basins, the construction company remembered the good success of the dewatering during an earlier construction project, which was carried out with a HÜDIG aggregate.

This was the reason why the construction company turned to HÜDIG again and requested the material from the HÜDIG rental park for the current cunstruction project.

In many cases, the region in the Rhine Valley is suitable for the dewatering by using the vacuum method.

As mentioned, in the vacuum method. We underline this because the local soil formations in particular place high demands on the required water capacity and the vacuum to be applied for a dry excavation pit. Piston pumps have their limits here. Even by using several piston pumps it is sometime not possible to archieve the lowering target, as the required vacuum level is not sufficient ar greater depths. The investment or rental costs, energy and maintenance requirements are only taken into account here to the extent that modern vacuum units are superior to piston pumps in these aspects as well.


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