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HÜDIG Dewatering in Surface Mining

HÜDIG low-maintenance vacuum generator - unbeatable


Mining corporation MIBRAG has decided to exploit a coal seam being located deeper underneath an old, 30 hectares large deposit site and accordingly dewatering by means of approx. 40 vacuum deep wells.


The project management determined a test run of two systems. After the test phase the decision has been made in favour of the product made by HÜDIG GmbH & Co. KG!


By now, the pump units have been running trouble-free for more than 4000 operating hours, and, what is very important, nearly maintenance-free. A visual check every 2000 to 3000 operating hours is all the aggregates need. In the end, the complete system is working continuously and very cost-efficiently.


According to MIBRAG’s project management, the HÜDIG vacuum technique shows their advantages already after 500 operating hours because oil-lubricated systems would already require first maintenance efforts then. However, not only the cost-saving vacuum concept was the reason for the decision to select the HÜDIG dry-running unit, but the total package of the aggregate. For example, the complete aggregate is designed for continuous operation. This applies for components from the galvanized base frame to the circuit technology. Of course, the base frame has to withstand any weather condition during the planned 24 months. The integrated control will switch on respectively switch off the vacuum generator according to the predefined vacuum.


The end of the first operation year is approaching and the HÜDIG vacuum generators are working - as already mentioned – without any frequent intervals for expensive oil changes or maintenances.


We will periodically inform you at corresponding time intervals about the continuous operation of more than two years and think that we can give you a further strong impression about the cost-saving and extremely reliable HÜDIG vacuum technique!


HÜDIG, always a good decision!


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