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Dewatering- Low-Maintenance and Reliable - from the HÜDIG Rental Park

Celle is proud of its quality as a "city by the river": in the course of the reconstruction of the Aller island, not only the flood protection is being pushed forward and the harbour has been improved - here, too, the original proximity of the city and water can be experienced again.

As part of the implementation of the urban flood protection program, around 35,000 cubic meters of earth have been excavated on the shore of the island since October. So flood troughs have emerged and even a new, small "dead arm" of the Aller, leading into the island. In case of a flood, the level in the area of the prison on the track was thus reduced by 40 centimeters. Furthermore, flood protection walls and pumping stations are to be erected. The company Mitteldeutsche Tiefbau has undertaken this task. In order to be able to set up the pumping stations at a depth of 7m, the powerful HÜDIG dewatering systems were used and the type HC 488/25 with whisper hood from HÜDIG rental park was installed at three locations. This type of pump has a very good performance when it comes to reaching a high vacuum and groundwater has to be pumped from great depths. A vacuum of -0.9 bar = 9 meters is necessary for a depth of 7 meters. The piston pump technology usually used by the customer can not build up this high vacuum. Thus, dewatering technology with high vacuum performance was necessary. Since this was an inner-city project, noise reduction was also a priority. In order to reduce the noise emission to the minimum, the customer received the HÜDIG Whisper Box. This is an equipment option of the HC 488 and is designed as a complete enclosure for HÜDIG electrical vacuum units of the HC 488 series. The sound emission value is 73 dB (A). This corresponds to an approximate sound pressure level of 46 dB (A) in 7 and 44 dB (A) in 10 meters. The hot-dip galvanized steel frame is solid and stackable (up to three units can be stored in a space-saving manner). The unit has a forklift attachment and a central lifting eye for safe transport.

The power supply was provided by a STEP60 compact (60 kVA generator) also from the HÜDIG rental park. In the meantime the project has almost been completed. The area of the Aller island is to develop in the coming years to an urban city quarter.

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