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  • Dewatering - Low-Maintenance and Reliable - with the Original HÜDIG "Dry Runner" as a Vacuum Generator


Dewatering - Low-Maintenance and Reliable - with the Original HÜDIG "Dry Runner" as a Vacuum Generator

Today, we would like to comment on one of our unique features, the 100% dry-running vacuum generator.

What does "dry runner" mean?

Simply put, the HÜDIG vacuum generator does not need any operating materials to be put into operation. Neither the part that produces the vacuum (compressor) nor the drive part (electric motor) of the vacuum generator requires a drop of oil or operating water, therefore it is a 100% dry runner. An aggregate that does not require any operating materials has all the advantages on its side and even fulfills environmental aspects.

If customers want to buy a dewatering system, they usually receive several offers from different manufacturers. Here, pump units are offered with a diaphragm pump, a water ring pump or with a venturidene system for vacuum support and even piston pumps. All of them are justified for corresponding appliations.

Regarding the diaphragm pumps as a vacuum-assisted aggregate component is to say, they need - whether one wants or not - lubricants in the form of oils or greases, in order to be put into operation. The diaphragm pump has a pump part (diaphragm) and of course also a drive part (usually a rod drive or belt drive). The pump part does not need any oil, but the drive part requires an oil bath. This oil bath forces the user to have control and maintenance intervals of approx. 500 operation hours. This means that this system requires both operating material and additional maintenance costs due to the control constraint; on the other hand, of course, it is not a 100% dry-running vacuum generator since the drive part of the vacuum generator belongs to the diaphragm pump.

In this view, the aspect of waste disposal is often forgotten. A diaphragm pump can easily require up to 5 liters of oil.

Water ring air pumps are still offered in the market. As the name already certifies, this type of vacuum generator requires water as operation material to be put into operation. This operating water must be checked daily and must be filled in drinking water quality, as the vacuum generator would otherwise wear.

The original HÜDIG dry runner is completely free of these worries - like the control of the operating materials and exchange intervals.

Visual inspections are due after 3,000 operation hours, in which - as the name implies - only visual inspection is required.

A part requirement is only necessary after 8,000 to 12,000 operating hours.

Reference customers confirm this again and again and report record operating times of over 10,000 - 12,000 hours. We will soon publish more news in this respect.

At the end of the day it means that the only 100% dry runner for dewatering technology is the HÜDIG dry runner.   

HÜDIG technology - always a good choice!

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