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Dewatering: Would you like one more pump?

A typical appearance of construction sites where piston pumps for dewatering are installed.

Even small excavation pits with edge lengths of no more than 10 meters often use several piston pumps. According to the motto: "Would you like one more pump?"









In addition, there are often not professionally installed pipe systems, in which work is done with different pipe dimensions and wrong or differently jetted filters. In some cases, up to three piston pumps operate on one suction line, and this is for one reason: A piston pump does not handle the upcoming water flow. Due to the pulsating suction behavior, the piston pumps usually even hinder each other.

In many cases, the use of vacuum units would save nerves and, in any case, a lot of costs. The HÜDIG HC 488/25 dewatering system is capable to suck up to 200 m³ of air per hour at the filter gallery section.

With the HÜDIG vacuum units, collecting lines with lengths of 100 meters and even more are not a challenge, but a daily freestyle.








As can be seen in the example of the German coal opencast mines: Here, line lengths of 100 meters are rather considered small. We would also like to point out that piston pumps are certainly justified, but they are no guarantee for an efficient and reliable dewatering process, regardless the type of soil conditions. Wear considerations are also missing here.

The range of services in conventional piping companies usually also includes dewatering projects.

HÜDIG advises here to no experiments but to proven, very reliable HÜDIG vacuum units. If the construction sites have to be handled on a smaller scale, HÜDIG can also offer solutions with smaller capacities (electric or Diesel operated). Construction sites with more than two Diesel pumps can be handled more effectively with large electric vacuum units and only one generator set.

HÜDIG technology - always a good choice!

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