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HÜDIG Diesel Vacuum Unit HC 522/07 for Dewatering

HÜDIG GmbH & Co. KG presents a new Diesel vacuum pump unit.

The new Diesel vacuum unit captivates by many convincing arguments: Starting from the maximum permissible total discharge flow of 170 m³/h to the single cylinder Hatz motor with 8,4 kW up to the technical details like the high service life of the vacuum system of up to 3.000 operation hours and more.

The applications vary from accident deployments to permanent dewatering with up to maximum 15 – 20 wellpoints (the number depends on geologic facts).

The development and manufacture of the unit take place in the HÜDIG head factory in Celle.

The advantages of HC 522/xx units are obvious due to the very compact design and the maintenance-free vacuum system. Conceptualized as square cube, they are of very compact, solid and easy-to-load design for applications on construction sites. The single cylinder Hatz serves as drive unit for the installed sewage pump having a maximum pumping capacity of 110 m³/h which is more than all capacities of this pump class. Furthermore, a dry running vacuum generator with an air capacity of 60 m³/h is permanently driven.

The vacuum generator requires very little maintenance and comes with service life times of more than 10.000 hours. The HÜDIG vacuum technique can even present references of more than 14.000 operation hours, apart from the maintenance effort for the Diesel motor.

The eminently low weight of 994 kg (HC522/06) allows more application possibilities. Installed on a trailer with additional loading device for pipe material, the pump unit is rapidly deployable in case of damage!

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