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  • HÜDIG Electro Vacuum Technique in Dewatering at „Stuttgart 21“


HÜDIG Electro Vacuum Technique in Dewatering at „Stuttgart 21“

ARGE ATCOST of the tunnel project „Stuttgart 21“ faced the task to keep the tunnel gateway of the tunnel tubes free of groundwater for safe entry of the tunnel boring machine.

The dewatering was managed by the HÜDIG boiler system of type HC 468/15 with a dry running vacuum generator. The HÜDIG unit did this job in such satisfying way that the MTA engineers had a special challenge for this assembly type.

The problem was that the gaps of the Tübbing tunnel elements were filled with rain water, ice or snow due to outside storage. However, it is essential to have clean gaps for the fastening of the crane elements of the TBM as otherwise the exact custom-fit transfer cannot be granted. Dirty or wet gaps could prevent that the Tübbing elements are moved with the necessary accuracy.

The common use of canister-type wet vacuums held certain problems in their handling and wear resistance.

The HC 468/15 was simply converted into a super-canister-type wet vacuum and found its permanent location on the TBM.

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