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  • HÜDIG Electro-Vacuum-Unit HC 468/15 used in Tunnel Construction


HÜDIG Electro-Vacuum-Unit HC 468/15 used in Tunnel Construction

Challenge / Application 2014

On the tunnel construction site of the Karlsruhe city railway it was necessary to control the remaining water in the tunnel-structure in a secure way. At significant points in the construction pit floor inflows to the deep-wells were established. The problem was the unsteady flow and the mean capacity of water. The usual application of semi submersible pumps was not appropriate due to the low water-level and consequently the pumps very fast calcify and are subject of thermal problems, too.


The HÜDIG customer Hettmannsperger Spezialtiefbau from Karlsruhe/Germany has decided to use the HÜDIG Electro-Vacuum-Unit HC 468/15 for this application. By the permanent vacuum-support it was secured that even the smallest quantity of water of the six wells will be charged. The HÜDIG dry-runner (no lubricant oil necessary) was the most cost-effective version of the water control. Due to the unbeatable low maintenance costs further costs were compensated and are in the green zone. The HÜDIG dry-runners win by the highest operation reliability without any further use of additional operation fluids e.g. oil or water. After the HÜDIG Electro-Vacuum-Unit a GRINDEX slurry-pump is discharging the daily receiving water of the construction site into the next pre-flooder-reservoir.


Hettmannsperger Spezialtiefbau GmbH

Construction Site: Stadtbahn (City Railway) Durlacher Tor


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