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HÜDIG GRINDEX Submersible Pumps Maxi SH

GRINDEX expands the product portfolio by the Maxi SH and improves the wear resistance of the impellers of Maxi H 

GRINDEX, as global market leader for electrical submersible pumps now introduces the double-stage GRINDEX Maxi SH. With the proven 37 kW (50 Hz) motor it is a rough, reliable and ideal pump for dewatering applications for waste water with high pump pressures as e.g. in mines.

The long-term tested impeller hydraulics, similar to Master SH, allows discharge head of up to 140 meters!

Until today it was necessary to operate pumps in tandem processing (series connection) when having operating points with such discharge heads. Problems are inevitable with such operation mode.

„HÜDIG now offers to their customers, for example in the mining sector, an optimized application solution made by GRINDEX.“

„With the additional impeller weight of only 30 kg compared with GRINDEX Maxi H weighing only 240 kg, the Maxi SH with a weight of 270 kg can reach an impressive maximum pumping capacity of 140 m water column, as already mentioned.”


Additionally the Maxi H and Maxi H-Lite - which has been introduced in January 2016 - have been improved by using Octaline hydraulics, a wear-resistant closed impeller system made of hard-IronTM. This is a proven concept of the existing GRINDEX pump range from 1 to 18 kW. „This concept has convinced several times in so-called hard-core applications in the heavy-duty sector worldwide since its introduction in 2008.”


All pumps are equipped with the adjusting sleeve for the impeller which is a familiar sight with the Minex to Matador series. The adjusting sleeve allows easy adjustment of the impeller at the suction cover, so that the original pumping capacity can be regained after a certain wear. 


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