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HÜDIG - Dewatering in residential areas


In Friesoythe, the oldest town in the district of Cloppenburg, which borders on the one hand on the Ammerland and on the other hand on the Emsland, company Helmut Rolfes received the order for the construction of two adjoining multi-family houses last summer, each with 5 residential units (including penthouse) and cellar.

For the drainage of two excavation pits, 35 to 40 filters each were flushed in on an area of 20 x 20 m each.    Care had to be taken to ensure that the two systems installed at the intersection of the overlapping plots did not "suck away" each other's water. Dewatering was arranged to a depth of 4m, despite a relatively high water level of just under 1m below thr ground surface. A further complication is that a stream runs along the plots of land at a distance of only 15m. An elevator shaft was also planned for the both houses. The depth of this shaft was 70 cm below that of the cellar foundation. This meant that the filters had to be flushed deep enough to create the interscetion point of the groundwater level parabolas below this level.

Two HÜDIG electric vacuum units type HC 488/15 were used. The possible pumping capacity is approx. 200 m³/h, whereby in this application only an average of 70 m³/h was pumped per unit.

In total, the machines were used continuously for 61 days in a row with a total number of operating hours of 1,455. During this time, apart from normal weekly inspections, no maintenance was required! For information: HÜDIG dry rotors do not require a maintenance interval until after 3000 operating hours. Here only a visual inspection of the vanes and filters is necessary.

The carbon vanes need to be replaced according to the degree of wear which is usually only required after 9000 or 12000 operating hours.

The vacuum generators ensure continuous pumping of the water-air mixture. The air-water mixture is separated in the large-volume boiler. The water is pumped by means of dirty water-resistant, wear-resistant Grindex pumps and the accruing air is released into the environment oil-free by two dry-runnung, low-maintenance rotary vacuum pumps.

A dry excavation pit, thanks to HÜDIG technology, which let you sleep peacefully.



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