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HÜDIG – high vacuum, high performance!

HÜDIG – high vacuum, high performance!

As part of civil engineering work on a riverbank, PUMPS UNITED was confronted with a special challenge. With the help of sheet pilings, an are of more than 1.000 m² was supposed to be dewatering.

The project in New South Wales, Australia took several weeks, so an efficient and above all energy-saving method of lowering the water level was of great importance. In addition, there was an important factor in the game namely environmental protection.

By working directly in the riverbed, the pumping units used for the drainage had to be environmentally friendly. Internal combustion engines could not be used as a drive for the 24/7 project. In addition, any kind of oil was strictly prohibited as a lubricant. It quickly became clearthat the success of the project was only possible through the use of electro-vacuum systems.

With the dry-running and thus self-lubricating high-performance vacuum pumps of the HC488 product line, HÜDIG met exactly the customer's requirements. A system of wellpoints and headerpipes attached to the sheetpiles ensured the success of the project and, thanks to the energy-saving operation of the electro-vacuum units, saved the user even more money.

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