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  • HÜDIG - Irrigation unit in use for the fire department


HÜDIG - Irrigation unit in use for the fire department


When particularly high pressure and a high volume of water are required, the fire department likes to use mobile diesel pumps that can be used individually. For this purpose Hüdig has developed the diesel driven pump unit HC 910/503/84.

Originally designed for agricultural irrigation, the self-priming high-pressure unit meets all the requirements of modern fire fighting. The three-stage pump generates a pressure of over 12 bar, which in practical use serves to extinguish even tall buildings with ease. With a pumped volume of up to 90m³/h, the HC 910/503/84 pumps a large quantity of water, which means that even large fires can be extinguished rapidly. Due to the self-priming function, there is no need for hydrants any more and extinguishing water can be taken from nearby rivers, lakes or ponds. In this way the fire fighters remain very flexible.

For further information please refer to the technical data sheet or contact us at info@huedig.de.


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