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One of our customers - a specialist for remediation - had the task of collecting sedimented material and disposing of it. For ecological reasons and to protect the fish population, it was not desirable to simply discharge the solids into the lower course of the dam. The solids had to be removed from the exposed area in front of the weir and pumped out.

During a site inspection, the boundary conditions for the design of a Toyo tank pump were determined. As a result, a pipeline routing was determined through which the material had to be conveyed. Furthermore, a TOYO armoured pump type DP30 with a nominal engine power of 22 kW was selected. The solids concentration of a TOYO armoured pump of the DP series can exceed 30 percent by volume. The max. head for this model DP30 is 36 mWS and the max. delivery volume is approx. 160m³/h.

To ensure the power supply on site, a HÜDIG Step 60/60 kVA generator with 24-hour tank was additionally selected. Together with the 100 metre long piping material, the customer was offered comprehensive equipment from a single source.




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