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Dewatering with HÜDIG piston pumps HC271/11

Piston pumps look back on a long history since ancient cultures like the Romans used reciprocating piston pumps to pump water already. In the field of wellpoint dewatering this aggregate has been used since the 1930s and experienced its renaissance after a long absence at the beginning of the new century. For most applications, our customers rely on the technically mature electric and diesel vacuum units, which are supported by a particularly powerful and oil-free vacuum pump. 

In some cases the use of piston pumps is quite sensible. Especially in sandy soils, as for example in areas which have been repelled by the ocean by the deposit of sand, piston pumps are excellently suitable. It is advantageous in this case that the continuous pulsation of the flow leaves the filter surface of the wellpoints free in fine sand soils and thus the filter system remains functional. However, the functional principle does not provide for a separation of the water-air mixture within the unit. 


With the HC271/11 HÜDIG presents a high-quality piston pump, which has automatic lubrication and is resistant to seawater and brackish water. The unit is optimally accessible, thanks to large doors and the easily removable hood. The HC271 / 11 can be stacked in pairs on the storage bin and is particularly shock-resistant thanks to an external frame construction.

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