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HÜDIG Power Sets in Surface Mining Application

Since 2008 HÜDIG GmbH & Co. KG has been supplying new power sets to Vattenfall Europe Mining AG. These power units are aligned for the special demands of a surface mining operation.

The rough and extra-ordinary application of power sets in a surface mining company is demanding a lot from people and technique. It starts with the necessary special terrain capability of the chassis and ends last but not least with the electric equipment of the aggregate. Worth noting are the electrical special solutions for 2 voltages levels on one device as well as the switchable load bank. The latter allows a continuous power supply of smaller consumers without damaging the drive motor due to reduced load.

When selecting the components of the power set, the main focus was set on reliability and operation comfort of the used construction elements.

The proven cooperation and acceptance of our aggregates even after many years is considered as positive sign by HÜDIG for the recognized good quality of our power sets.

HÜDIG power sets - products which convince by quality and know-how. 


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