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HÜDIG-Products available on all five Continents

HÜDIG Electro-Pump Unit HC 488/25 in use in Canada

With the delivery of HC 488 Electro-Vacuum-Pump-Units and HC 522 Diesel-Vacuum-Pump-Units to our distributor and partner VORTEX in Beresfield in NSW in Australia HÜDIG is now available on all five continents. In Europe, Africa, America, Asia and now Australia the quality and the cost-effectiveness of the Vacuum-Pump-Units and the according accessories for the dewatering and water-control became widely accepted. Now the worldwide chain of distributors is closed.

Basically we owe the worldwide success of our products the advantage of our prevision on the environmental friendly and cost effective engineering of especially the Vacuum-Pump-Units years ago. The vacuum-generating with a “dry-running” vacuum-pump thus without any lubrication fluid like oil or water is plain legendary. Many customers have recognized this advantage and have not been disappointed when it came to the ecological and economical effect. Using a combination of environmental- and wallet-friendly HÜDIG products helps worldwide the operator to have a clear conscience.      

Every technical challenge due to the different local requirements of each region and country such as different voltage and frequency, other regulations and guidelines etc has been mastered by our technical department to the entire satisfaction of all our customers. Our logistic- and our export-department face every mission and make sure that every buyer receives the ordered goods in the most expressly, inexpensive and environmental-friendly way. 

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