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HÜDIG Rental Power Sets for Enercon Wind Power Plants

Near Sulingen (on federal road B61) building contractor Matthäi is currently building two foundations for wind power plants for operator Enercon. The total order comprises five locations for wind power plants and works are expected to continue until May.

Due to the high groundwater level, dewatering is essential. Additionally, HÜDIG power sets ensure the electrical supply for the vacuum pump units and also for the operation of the cranes during the whole construction period.

The large tank volume of the units and two additional 1000 l fuel tanks make sure that the number of refuelling phases is reduced to a minimum.

The building constructor Matthäi is currently using two power sets made by HÜDIG on this construction site.

The responsible foreman at site explained that they are really satisfied with the reliability of HÜDIG power sets and that they will gladly keep using these with similar applications again.





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