Areas available on shores and coasts can often consist of compressible, water-saturated terrain. Due to the large areas, which usually require several hectares, ports and airport platforms are often obtained from the sea by hydraulic or terrestrial backfilling. Low-cost soil treatment techniques are very often used to treat such sites.

Soil improvement work, such as deep vibratory treatment, enables accelerated soil consolidation and thus low residual settlement during infrastructure operation. In the deep vibratory method, a water-gravel mixture is pressed under high pressure into the soil or seabed with the aid of air pressure. Here, the water-gravel mixture is sucked out of a basin or tank. These places an enormous strain on the pump used.

The innovative Suspensions Diesel Vacuum Unit SDVA200 developed by HÜDIG is especially suitable for applications of this kind. The armoured pump and vacuum generator, driven by a diesel engine, ensure continuous delivery of the abrasive medium. The air separator tank in front of the armoured pump enables the separation of the air entering the suction line from the medium, so that the armoured pump only conveys the liquid medium. This combined system ensures a safe, fast suction and a high vacuum.

The SDVA200 is also used in the construction industry, in special civil engineering in gravel works and for conveying abrasive media.

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