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HÜDIG TOYO Armoured Pump

HÜDIG’s rental park also offers powerful  armoured pumps of brand TOYO to their customers 

For instance, the shipbuilding yard Blohm + Voss in Hamburg used a TOYO armoured pump of type DP20 for backfilling of sheet pile walls.


The DP series of brand TOYO has powerful slow-running electric motors. The DP 20 being equipped with a 15 kW 6-pole electric motor ensures a reliable, continuous and safe operation.

According to manufacturer’s specification the pump can reliably convey a maximum solids concentration of up to 60 weight percent during pumping period.

Profile of DP20

Pump type:                  armoured pump with agitator

Pumping data:

Q max.:                      170 m³/h        
H max.:                      27 m   

Pumping medium:         water-solid mixture

Density:                      up to 60 weight percent        

Manufacturer TOYO is the only manufacturer of armoured pumps indicating the solids concentration in their documents!


For the application at Blohm + Voss shipyard a DP 20 has been installed in a mixing tank.

This mixing tank was continuously filled with sand and water, and the pump mixed the mediums to a sand slurry and conveyed it behind a sheet pile wall for backfilling.

Regarding structural engineering the backfilling of the sheet pile wall was the best solution in this case. It was a good decision to apply a TOYO armoured pump in order to achieve a high backfill rate and to ensure a safe construction process.

Once again we can state:

TOYO pays off!




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