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HÜDIG TOYO Armoured Pump for Coastal Protection

The authorities for coastal protection in Schleswig Holstein needed wear-resistant pump technique for pumping out the lock chambers. The lock chambers have to be emptied regularly for inspection and maintenance works. During the previous years the pumps have been rented respectively significant costs incurred due to pumps that were not stable.

After evaluation of the situation at site and the recognition that inside of the lock chambers the proportion of solid parts in the pumping medium increases drastically during the last phase of the pumping process, it was clear that a highly wear-resistant armoured pump was needed. A further aspect was also important to the operator: most flood barriers are equipped with so-called mitre gates. This means that the faster the lock chamber is emptied, the better is the sealing effect at the mitre gates. These are sealing by means of the water pressure. For this application the recommendation for the customer was a TOYO armoured pump of type ET15 with the necessary quick coupling accessories.

The customer was very satisfied with the object-related advice and configuration and decided to purchase the TOYO product.

It was agreed to arrange a technical instruction of the operating staff at the time of supply. In the meantime the TOYO ET15 has passed its baptism of fire with flying colours. And HÜDIG can refer to a satisfied customer again.

And once more we can say:
TOYO pays off!



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